Curve fitting using UF_MODL_create_fitted_spline with end slopes

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I am trying to fit a curve using UF_MODL_create_fitted_spline providing end slopes. One end of the created spline shows a loop back due to the slope constraint. I have observed that NX decides the direction of the slope vector automatically. I tried negating the slope vector but still it causes a loop back. What causes this loop-back and what is the workaround for this?

I have 7 points for fitting with order 3. For a higher order 6, I see the loop-back getting reduced but the curve seems to be over constrained.

Data points -
P1: -1.560260,-0.181989,3.286604
P2: -1.578313,-0.213621,3.273950
P3: -1.595170,-0.242289,3.264351
P4: -1.596874,-0.276042,3.260926
P5: -1.572996,-0.298280,3.269681
P6: -1.542036,-0.306016,3.282902
P7: -1.509833,-0.310289,3.298223

Slopes -
Slope at beginning: 0.762061,0.552460,0.337714
Slope at end: 0.911118,0.097702,0.400398

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