[NX 8.5 Mac] - Why are the menu icons greyed out when I start NX?

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My students tried installing NX 8.5 on their Macs using the instructions provided by the university. I'm assuming they installed the software correctly (using the university's license server information during installation, adding the license bundles), but perhaps this problem stems from some mistake during installation.

Anyway, the symptom is that when they open NX 8.5, the start screen menu items are all greyed out and unclickable. The icons I'm referring to are 'New', 'Open', 'Open a Recent Part', etc., therefore they have been unable to do anything with the software. I'm not a Mac user, but perhaps someone with experience or a solution to similar problem could provide the solution.

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Have a look at the Logfile (Help-Logfile). This should provide you with some more info...

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