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I need to work with Siemenx nx9 for school, but i have problems with my parts, if i turn 
them, i get holes in my models and they stay there when i stop turning my model:


Is this a rendering problem? Is my graphic card too slow?

thank you in advance

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Hello Gilles.

There is no problem with your Graphics card. The symptom you are experiencing is called screen clipping.
Basically, when you start NX the "modeling space" is a 3 Dimensional cube. The model you are creating is fitting in there.
If for some reason your model is growing in size by changes you made to it, or if you have zoomed in, it will no longer fit in that cube. The graphics card, then cuts your model at the outer edges of that cube to keep graphical performance.

To show the complete model again without the "holes" (they are not really there) you just need to re-calibrate the cube size.
This you can simply do by re-orienting your view to Tri or ISO metric. This will extend the cube to fit your models outer dimensions again.

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thank you very much!
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