Help! The problem with a floating(network) license.

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NX License Error. No socket connection to license server manager service[-7]. Win7,Nx9.NX does not start every time even after restart PC. How do I solve this problem?

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Dear Michael,

If all the floating licenses are being used by other users in the network at a time, NX will not open, even if you restart your system. To resolve this issue, one of users has to close the NX. Then only you can open NX in your computer.

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That is not the reason for this error...If there was no license available for Gateway. (minimum license needed to run NX) the license server would have given that message. Or (when installed) it would have opened in the NX Viewer module.
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You either don't have a connection to the license server or the Service isn't running on the machine where the License server is running.
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