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Hi all,

I have been using native Unigraphics NX for the past 13 years and only been on Unigraphics TeamCenter for about a month.  The question being is we use part families to make different size pieces of wood (50 mm x 50 mm up to 1219mm x 2438mm) and before being in Teamcenter we would open a template part up and create a new size (only taking a couple minutes.)  After the template was migrated over to Teamcenter when I go into make a new size it takes anywhere from 1/2 hour to a hour or two depending on how many parts are already in the file.  Does anyone have a solution of this or do you make your components a different way.  Thanks Jon

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We are experiencing the same issue...Strangely enough it is also depending on which computer we use to generate the part family...Configuration and specifications of the computers are identical...
The part families used on both clients are identical (Same amount of members and attributes / expressions).
One client finishes the creation in 15 minutes the other takes almost 3 hours..

We raised a ticket at Siemens Gtac but they are also not able to determine the cause of the problem.

Which version of Teamcenter are you using?
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We are using Teamcenter 10 (, one thing we found to that takes less time (still takes awhile) is to build the part family or add a new item to an existing part family but do not create the part, only add information and save the part family and exit out of it.  When you go and add the new item into your assembly add the template then pick the new item number and it will create and add the part.  If you create the part in the part family it seems to me that the template will go and look or update all existing components which is why it takes a long time.  It would be a huge time savings if it would not check all the parts that you do not want to mess with and only check the new or existing parts that you update or create.  If you hear anything thing from Gtac could you let me know.  Thanks Jon
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