How to use Detailed thread in NX9.

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Well, This tutorial will explain how to use detailed thread using THREAD command.

Basically, when we use HOLE command to apply thread on any hole, this will apply only thread symbol bt not perfect thread.

HOLE command has another limitation, that you cant apply external thread.

Detailed Thread can be show, and can edit its various property such as,
- Minor diameter
- Pitch
- Length
- Thread Angle

So, Whenever time to report or presentation, I would suggest to use Detailed Thread for applying thread.

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Why would you want to use detailed thread? it generates "heavier" models which will bring down performance in Assemblies. Also the "Old" male thread feature will be replaced in one of the next versions of NX by a feature similar to the Hole series...
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Hey Ronald,

you are ri8,, file will be bulky if you use detailed thread,
but sometimes for presentation we need it.
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