NX10: How to stop arrow line leader from automatically changing direction after I manually set it

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I want to change the leader side on a dimension from left to right. I go to Settings->Line/Arrow->Arrow Line and under 'Stub' in the drop down pick 'Leader from Right'. Now the text is over-layed on the dimension lines. I click and drag the text to move it off the lines and the leader changes sides back to the left so I have to do this all over again. Is there a setting that I can't find that will stop this from happening?

Edit: This issue only seems to happen with Linear dimensions, Angular and Radial/Diametral are fine

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What version of NX are you using?
In NX9 this is a known issue. (no fix for it).
Not sure about NX10 but in NX11 it has been solved.
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I am using NX10. Was it just a bug that got fixed in NX11 or is there a setting someplace?
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Not a setting, it's a bug.

Checked in NX11.0.0.33 (mp1)... The behaviour in there is automatic. Depending on the placement of the dimension text the stub will switch from left to right (or v.v.)
Same goes for Feature Control Frame
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If you hold the control button before moving the dims it will keep the arrows from reverting back.
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Try to drag the dimension by pressing ctr, it will work.
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