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I am a Siemens NX 10.0 user. With this software version it is possible to set a classic interface which (in my opinion) is a quite faster and easier way to work with.

Well, my question is....: Is there any way to set NX 11 to classic interface??

Thanks a million.
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I have to comment on this.  I started moving from NX 12 from NX 9 and committed myself to adopting an open mind about learning the new interface layout.  I decided to give it a chance.  Well, my final conclusion is that it is awkward at best.  I could do anything I wanted with the NX 9 menus and do it quickly.  The final menus that I came up with in NX 12 are a compromise, at best.  I put up with them.  In my opinion, the whole new menu scheme relied too much upon a single goal, taking unused buttons off of the screen.   The menus in NX 9 were effortless.  The new system, even now that I am familiar with it, is just simply in my way.  That to me means the programmers missed their mark.

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Not possible. Siemens already stated in the documentation for NX9 ( and NX10 ) that the classic toolbars will not be available anymore in NX11.
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