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Hello Together

I`m a changer from Solidworks and Inventor to NX. Some things are quiet the same in NX but at the moment i don`t get some functions. Maybe someone of you can help me. I use NX9 in my company.

I`ve got to create a STEP file out of an assembly - but not a normal one. I need a solid one. It`s for our customer that he can put this in his assembly but he is not allowed to see the details inside the part. I don`t know how I can create this solid STEP. I tried to combine all the parts to one part, so that I lose the details automatically.

Yeah, as I said - I tried and failed. I`m a real rookie on this program...I hope you can help me and you understand my request.

Thank you!



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NX Step convertor is not able to simplfy (or delete) geometry. So you need to do this before you convert to Step.
I would suggest to use the "Simplify Assembly) or a linked exterior (both require Advanced Assemblies license).

If you don't have the license you can also do this manually by creating in the assembly linked bodies for each component and then unite them into one body which you can export as Step.
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Thank you for your help. Yeah we don`t have the license but I try creating manually the assembly with linked bodies.
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