How to inherit Drafting Line in Draft according to solid colors

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Hello every one, I have one question about drafting Line in Draft application, I need paint or inherit the color of the component.

For example, I paint all Cooling holes of the one plate in blue in Modeling and now when I make a draft of this component, I will like this Drafting Line show this color according with de detail of de cooling, for me not, but my clients talked is more easily see and differ the cooling and the fixation(for example).
Have one possibility of the change the black color of the Drafting line Individually?

Sorry for my english.

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This is something you need to change in the customer defaults.

In the section Drafting - View you can set the "Wireframe Color Source" to "From Body"
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Thanks Ronald,I searched a lot but did not think of it.
Once again thank you
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