CAM: How do you prevent retracting to the highest Z-position between operations?

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My question is how you prevent a program from retracting the spindle all the way up between operations.

What I want between 2 operations which use the same tool, is that they only retract until a specified plane.
I thought this was done via Non Cutting Moves -> Transfer/Rapid -> Initial and Final but whatever the settings are, when I simulate the machine (I have a virtual machine with a Sinumerik 840D Sl controller) it retracts to the highest Z-position when the first operation is complete.

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Hi, jerre

if u looking for a specified height after an operation, need to is, Non cutting moves - transfer/rapid - clearance option - Automatic plane, define in both the operations if required.

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What you are asking is Post Processor related. You will need to configure your FROM moves in Post Builder.

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