How to remove or replace a linked sketch without impacting existing geometry

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Within an assembly, where the top level is the finish machined part, and the components are in-process manufacturing steps (i.e. forging, rough machining) where the finish machine profile sketch is linked into the lower levels, so that the lower level sketches are constrained to the linked sketch so that if the finish machined changes, the lower levels change with it, what setting is required so that if the linked sketch is removed for any reason, that the sketches native to the lower level parts are not completely removed, but simply become under-constrained?  (using NX 8.5 at the moment)

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One solution may be to use command "Replace with Independent Sketch".

Rather than breaking the link/associativity and fixing the sketch constraints, just make component as work part and use the above command so that linked sketch will become independent. Now this sketch will be remain constrained as original parent sketch, no matter you keep or delete the parent sketch.
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