How to hide the pattern parts alone.

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Hello Friends

Nx Version : Nx 9 / Nx 11 both Teamcenter Integerated.

Nx Module : Assembly

I have assembled a bolt then created a pattern a for 24 parts (23 parts created inside assembled) around 360°. Now I need to hide the remaining 23 parts. Currently I am deleting the Component Pattern, instead is there any shortcuts for this.



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Maybe you can use the EXPRESSIONS to control this.

Create the expression QTY_COMPONENTS for example, with 24, in PATTERN COMPONENTS> LAYOUT> CIRCULAR> select the vector and center> In the ANGLE DIMENSION> SPACING = COUNT AND PITCH> Count = QTY_COMPONENTS> Pitch Angle = 360 / QTY_COMPONENTS.

Then just change the value in the expression to change the quantity.

If you do not want to use the expressions to control why it might be a bit difficult to find, you can link to the properties and control there.

Hope this helps.

Good luck
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You could also use the SUPRESS BY EXPRESSION
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