Customized Wax Special Screen Nickel Rotary Screen

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1.Our History
Founded in 2001,Qingdao Bri-color Industry CO.,LTD. Specializes in the rotary nickel screen which are designed using
Superior quality raw materials.We enjoy convenient transportation as we are located in Qingdao, one of the largest
Seaside cities in the world.
Insisting on providing customers with the best products, we have implemented standardized production systems ,which are conducted in accordance with international standards,”Meeting the needs of our clients”is the managing principle of our company.
2.Our Factory
Our company now has more than 200 employees and with an annual output more than one million pieces of rotary printing
screens,and the product specifications have already covered (25 mesh,30mesh,40mesh,50mesh,60mesh,70mesh,80mesh,  
100mesh,125mesh,135mesh,155mesh,165mesh,and 195mesh,the repeat is from 640mm,688mm,725mm,819mm,914mm 1018mm,1206mm,1450mm and  
1680mm) and the length is from 1410mm to 3500mm.
In addition,we can produce wallpaper screen with special specifications according to customer requirements and the products
can be exported to more than 40 countries and regions world-wide,such as Turkey,Brazil,Indonesia,India,Pakistan,Europe and
Company and Product Samples
Company Gate Office
Workshop Workshop
Product Sample Product Sample
Product Sample N/A
3.Our Product
We fabricate a wide array of nickel rotary screens which are designed using superior quality raw materials. Available at reasonable prices and can be customized as per the customer’s requirements. By using our scientific knowledge, we offer our clients with an extensive range of: • Standard Screen 640 mm • Special Screen 820 mm, 914 mm, 1080mm • Special Screen 200 micron for velvet • Other lengths available on request 750 to 3500 mm.
4.Production Equipment

5.Our service
Content Observations /Comments
Is customer feedback, including complaints, clearly recorded and maintained? Yes, with a standard feedback form and records
Yes, with a standard feedback form but no records
Yes, with records but no standard feedback form
Are there any clear procedures for handling customer complaints? Yes, with clear procedures and written records
Yes, with clear procedures but no written records
Yes, with written records but no clear procedures
Is there a closed-loop corrective action system in place? Yes
Can finished/packaged products be traced by lot identification to the appropriate raw material test reports?  Yes, with procedures to trace raw materials
Yes, main raw material can be traced
No, only the production date can be traced
Is there a product alert and recall procedure? Yes   
No   Customized Wax Special Screen Nickel Rotary Screen

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