Webinars: CAE Practical Applications - Integrated Motion and FEA

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CAE Practical Applications - Integrated Motion and FEA

July 21, 1 PM (Eastern)
This is the next webinar in our bi-monthly series for analysts, managers and lead engineers who are responsible for engineering and development processes.  First, we will review basic motion capabilities including creating models independently or automatically generating links and joints from assembly constraints.  Then we will create an FEA model of one of the components so the mass and stiffness properties can be passed to the motion model and incorporated into a flexible body motion analysis.

Register: http://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_us/about_us/events_webinars/nxcae-practical-apps-webinar/index.cfm?stc=wwiia420000&elq=cba4ccb1e2b142b69d653750337fbe93

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