NX CAM 20-Minute Tech Tips Webinar Series

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Thursdays, bi-weekly, 12 noon (Eastern)

Join us bi-weekly for short demonstrations and a chance to ask questions about NX CAM topics and improving your CAD/CAM/CNC process chain.  Register once and have access to all of the sessions in this series and their replays.  Topics for the first five weeks are:


  • May 31:  Benefits of a manufacturing setup and how to create one (replay available)
  • June 14:  How to quickly react to design change requests using integrated CAD/CAM (replay available)
  • June 28:  How to fully control your tool paths using Generic Motion
  • July 12:  How to get the code you want from your post processor by customizing your posts with Post Builder
  • July 26:  How Synchronous Technology can help you prepare models for pattern development


Register : http://am.siemensplmevents.com/?stc=wwiia420000&elqPURLPage=8061&elq=cba4ccb1e2b142b69d653750337fbe93



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