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What's New in NX 8.5 (Siemens PLM)

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NX 8.5

NX 8.5 for Design

NX 8.5 - DesignImprove efficiency and reduce design time with more powerful tools in NX 8.5. This latest NX release includes new and enhanced capabilities for feature modeling, sheet metal design, synchronous technology, freeform modeling, validation checking and drafting. Streamlined CAD workflows and an enhanced user experience improve productivity, minimize input, and reduce the effort required to accomplish design tasks. Learn More About NX 8.5 for Design

NX 8.5 for Simulation

NX 8.5 - SimulationNX 8.5 introduces over 240 new simulation capabilities that help development teams engineer their products right the first time. New optimization tools combined with improvements in simulation modeling, as well as structural, thermal, flow, motion and multiphysics analyses, help you create innovative new products and speed simulation processes. Also learn what’s new in NX Nastran 8.5 for computational performance, accuracy, reliability and scalability.

NX 8.5 for Manufacturing

NX 8.5 - ManufacturingNX 8.5 boosts part manufacturing productivity in the machinery, turbomachinery, aerospace, medical, and mold and die industries. Save time programming and machining parts with new machining operations, more tool path control, and easier ways to automate programming. Close the quality loop by creating CMM inspection programs and analyzing results all directly within NX. From NC programming through to machining, save on tooling costs and use the right data with new tool library and CAM data management capabilities.


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NX is great!

answered Feb 20, 2013 by lovenx (980 points)  
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NX 8.5 has great new features!

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