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Introducing Siemens NX 9

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Introducing  Siemens NX 9

The latest version of Siemens' NX™ software (NX 9) includes new capabilities and technological breakthroughs that deliver enhanced product development flexibility and up to five times higher productivity across multiple industries. New tools like synchronous technology for 2D greatly facilitate 2D data editing. The introduction of fourth generation design (4GD) technology will enhance design productivity for massive assemblies. And NX Realize Shape™ software delivers a new state-of-the-art freeform design toolset with unmatched product development integration. NX 9 also includes tighter PLM integration through Siemens' Active Workspace environment, as well as multiple enhancements throughout the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE solution. The enhancements in NX 9 are aimed at creating value by addressing issues common to multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, consumer products, machinery and others.

asked Oct 25, 2013 in Siemens NX Software by NX (1,770 points)  
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nice program yes

answered Oct 25, 2013 by cnccam (200 points)  
supper Nice Program.

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