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hello, for some reason my posts keep disappering from here. i have been successfully using nx8.5 for the last couple of months. recently when i tried to open the nx platform i recieved an error "cannot find licence file[-1]"; i have located the licence file and moved a copy to my desktop and placed it next to the ug icon but this did not work. can someone please tell me what i can do to fix this problem.

since this site is deleting my question, perhaps it could be explained in an e-mail with a return address.

please help, i have been with out the program for three weeks now and i am falling behind in class as the semester is drawing to an end.

thank you very much!

Eric Eberlein

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Hello Eric.

For NX to be able to operate it will need a license server. This can either be installed on a dedicated server or your computer where you have NX running.

Each  time that you start NX it will contact the license server and negotiates if there is a valid license available. So if you are getting the message it can't find a license file then the license server has a problem finding it.

So that is the place where you should start looking. In the start menu NX section you should also find the LMTools (NX Licensing tools) in there you can point the license server to the path where your license file is stored.
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