siemens NX 8.5 co-simulation with matlab error

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Hi all

I am new user in Nx program and I am trying to connect Nx with Matlab

I followed tutorial video in youtube to do that

every thing works perfectly but when Itried to run "cosimlacion_Solution_1_Plant.m" function I got error

Undefined function or variable 'original_sys'.

Error in nx_client (line 46)
open_system(original_sys) ;

Error in cosimlacion_Solution_1_Plant (line 7)

I am using

Nx 8.5 64bit

matlab 2012b 64bit

windows 7 64bit

can any on help me !!!!!!

thanks all

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2 Answers

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I think that there is a problem with the compability between matlab 2012b and NX. I suggest you try with matlab 2010.
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From my research on the MATLAB subject I recently came across a Siemens "White Paper"  tha outlines NX & MATLAB. Not only does it go into full descriptions of the product. On page 16 of 17, they reference contact information on this subject. My suggestion is to review the PDF file and contact the listed people. Here is the link:


Steve Charles


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